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Buy Fake ID Online

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How the Fake Identity Cards Are Made

Our Fake ID cards are made by an affiliate agency that ensures your document comes fully registered and the data like name, second name, birthdate, biometric data – is fully loaded to the governmental databases. These features allow you to do things like buying alcohol, tobacco or even traveling across the country your document was issued for.

How I can buy a Fake Identity Card Online?

Well, you have made the right choice since we have an outstanding portfolio of complete orders and we guarantee you have your Fake ID delivered in time. NOTE: 21-30 days for Registered Version; contact us for more information.


Why to Consider Buying Biometric Fake ID with us?

Biometric Fake ID comes fully registered so you are not get caught with your fake document somewhere. This allows you to pass any scanners hassle-free. NOTE: we never share or disclose the data we collect from you in order to produce your custom document.

Non-Biometric vs. Biometric Fake ID (Registered)

If you want to Buy Fake ID Online – you should pay attention to the following details:

  1. Fake ID Price
  2. Time it takes to produce the Fake document

Why You Should Buy a Registered Fake ID over Non-Biometric (Unregistered)

Biometric (Registered) Fake IDs are more expensive and it takes about 21-30 days for your Fake ID to complete, but the advanatges are overwhelming. A huge advantage of Biometric (Registered) Fake ID is that the document comes fully registered in governmental databases, yet it comes in a higher price, but it does always pay off.

Read more about Biometrics and how those IDs work here

Order a custom Fake ID Online

If you considering to buy Fake ID online – kindly contact us via email or livechat in the bottom right corner of the screen.



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